Just when you thought gaming couldn’t get any better Sony has released its long awaited PS5 console. A revolutionary piece of technology that will change the gaming world forever. Discover rich and gloriously vivid gameplay featuring ray tracing – by using individually simulated rays of light to create life-like shadows and reflections to achieve immersive realism; coupled with 3D audio you will not only feel like you’re playing the game but also be a part of it.

Once you fire up your brand-new Playstation 5 you can forget about long loading screens; the new PS5 comes with ultra-high speed SSD which means you can start your PS5 games afresh or pick up from where you left off in a matter of seconds. We’ve got FIFA 22, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Don’t wait too long. So, less time tapping on your PS5 controller waiting for things to load and more time enjoying beautifully smooth and fluid gameplay. And why not step things up with a high definition TV or monitor to take your gaming experience to a whole new level? Check out our selection of 4K TVs to upgrade your viewing experience with unbelievably clear and vibrant colours and display.

And if you love interacting with other gamers whilst you play then make sure you check out the official PS5 accessories. You’ll find the sleek PS5 headphones, PS5 charging station, camera and remote with outstanding features, all finished off with a stylish monochromatic design worthy of being proudly displayed in any room for everyone to admire.

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