Budi power bank 10k pd fast charge c usb


Budi QC3.0 PD 18W Quick Charge Power Bank 1000mAh 37Wh – White Description

PORTABLE – The slim design allows ease of transport of this device, allowing you to charge your device on the go.

LONG LASTING BATTERY – With a battery of 10000mAh, this power bank will keep your phone charged wherever you go.

MULTIPLE PORT – This power bank has 1 USB output, 1 Type-c and 1 Micro USB so you can charge multiple devices at once.

FAST CHARGING – The power of this power bank allows for fast charging too.

ONE CABLE- You only need 1 cable to charge and discharge.




Fast Charging capabilities

Multiple port

Battery Size: 10000mAh



Package Contents:

1 x Budi QC3.0+PD 18W Quick Charge Power Bank 10000mAh 37Wh